Get serious!

Ugh. I look into the mirror and hold my arm up. The flab makes me want to stab myself. For real.

I don’t know if there’s been any improvement. I’m scared that I haven’t even changed at all. But that can’t be right. Even though I don’t go to the gym consistently and have cheat meals here and there, I am still doing better than last year. I would order fast food every single week in HUGE quantities. I ate very unhealthily choosing the greasy fatty stuff versus vegetables and fruits. Now it’s the opposite. I’m wary of eating anything with too much sauce. I always make sure to include vegetables and eat fruit for dessert instead of soft-served ice cream.

But I need to pump up the level of intensity here. I’m getting three meals a day and that’s great. I need to be stricter with my meal content. Breakfast is a free for all. Sort of. I can eat whatever because I’ll just burn those calories. But lunch and especially dinner are the problem areas. A huge portion of the meal should be veggies. Then a smaller portion of whatever else. Preferably not too many carbs because then they’ll turn into fat.

I’m exercising. I know that I’ve upped my endurance. I remember when I could barely walk across campus without my legs hurting. Now I don’t feel it. I can walk up four flights of stairs easily several times a day. No biggie.

But I gotta bring it up a notch. I need to lose 10 lbs before January 1, 2011. It isn’t that hard. Not impossible. Just highly dependent on how hard I’m willing to work.

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