I’ve recently started to take an interest in politics and current events. And I also just turned 20 two weeks ago.

Can’t spot anything wrong there? The truth is I’ve never really cared about what was happening in the world. Seriously, I feel like I’ve lived in a bubble my whole life. My parents rarely ever talked about politics and if they did, they made it very clear that it was an “adult” discussion and something I wouldn’t have to worry about. Repeat that same conversation here I am two years after becoming a legal “adult” and I’m clueless. And I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that not too many of my peers care or are well informed.

Now that I’m trying to not only educate myself but really work to stay informed, I’m starting to feel hopeless. It’s like once you get to one issue you have to learn about a whole slew of others to really comprehend the consequences. I don’t mind reading more and more articles. It makes me a smarter person. But other people? Most kids aren’t going to waste their time really understanding what’s going on. If they have to read several pieces to understand the issue at point. . . .I’m doubtful of their willingness to actually become informed citizens.

I don’t think I know everything. Nor do I believe I’m any more intelligent than the next person. However, I do claim one thing. And that is a stubbornness that goes beyond what’s tolerated by most people. Haha. I’m not easily satisfied if one person tells me something. I have to ask three other people and verify the facts. I ask for advice but the ultimate decision is mine. If I don’t like or don’t understand something, rest assured I’ll go after whoever is best to answer me. My favorite question as a child was. . .WHY? It drove my parents crazy. And trust me. Asking why to any Asian parent is questioning their authority and attacking the Confucian-influenced upbringing style.

I don’t resent my parents. They did what they had to do in order to raise me well enough and give me more opportunities than I otherwise would have had. But I am angry and frustrated that I am at a disadvantage from other children. Not just because I’m Asian American. Because I’m also first generation born in the US. Because I come from a financially poor background. I don’t have much. Everything I have right now, I’ve earned through hard work. Not so with quite a few of my friends who are white, middle class, and usually never even have to worry/think about the stuff I stress about.

But you know what? It’s okay. This blog IS called “Thrive On Adversity” for a reason. I’m a highly optimistic individual. I can see the good side to almost every single situation and if there isn’t one, I’ll be sure to create it. I understand that challenges and obstacles are the tools that will shape into a better person of the future. The more I go through problems, the better I’ll become at handling them smoothly and with confidence.

I cannot guarantee that I’ll become the President and hopefully do great things. But I can control my reactions with the things I collide with and that sort of skill will ultimately help me do what I need to do in this world.

This was all fueled by reading articles on CNN about Obama and G20. Ugh. Yes, this is what I do in my free time.

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