The Poor don’t exist!

Naw, I kid.

But seriously. Why are the poor referred to as “Working Class”? Is that supposed to be something along the lines of being politically correct? I mean, Middle Class and Upper Class work as well. Probably not as much or in shitty ass jobs but still!

I’m not trying to put down the “Working Class”. They gotta what they gotta do to make a living. I totally respect that. But I feel like giving them the label of “Working Class” kind of overlooks the fact that even in the US (American Dream!) we have poor people. And as I’m starting to take a more active interest in politics and just society in general, it’s becoming clear to me that there is a stratification and HUGE disparities along class lines.

I understand that if you make a shit ton of money. Well, you should decide what to do with it. It’s your money. Cool, I get you.

BUT. If you were a decent person who cared a little more for others than yourself, the right thing would be to make American society a little less stratified. To close the inequality gaps.

I know this for sure. I plan to be a wealthy individual someday when I’m older. But I will remember where I come from and the fact that there are many many many poor people out there who just don’t have enough. Yes, there are individual choices and decisions that may have prevented a better life but I’ve also learned that there are systems that are in place to keep things the way they are. I think that’s wrong.

I think I’ll do some research on this. God, why am I such a nerd. I should go melt my brain with the Jersey Shore or some other soul-sucking media bullshit.

This is what I get for pursuing intellectual versus pleasure. Hope it pays off in the future.

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